Even the best of us have off days. Today is one such day. I am exhausted, ache from head to toe and I have a never-ending pile of things that need to get done. I would like nothing more than to crawl into bed and stay there, feeling sorry for myself. It is very much a case of mind over matter on these days. Yes, I need to rest, but no I don’t need to give up everything that I wanted to achieve today.

The best way to get through a day like this without making myself even more tired and without feeling like it has been a total loss is to plan and prioritise. Building a plan for the day that includes as many tasks as I can manage along with regular rest periods is essential. I do get frustrated by my limitations, so taking time out is often low on my radar.

I usually write a list of everything I need to get done. I can then prioritise everything; what HAS to be done today, what would be nice to get done today, what can be shared out amongst the rest of the family and what can wait until another day.

Lists help me in two ways.

  1. I can see visually what needs to be done so that I don’t have to retain that information in my head.
  2. I can see what I am achieving by ticking the items off as they are completed. There is nothing more satisfying to me than a completed to-do list!

With the task list in place, I can then plan in those all important rest breaks.

My rest breaks mostly include sitting down with either:

  • A cup of tea
  • A colouring book
  • A blog post
  • A guided meditation

Having a clear plan of action, clear times to take a rest and fun activities to do in those rest breaks makes it much easier for me to complete tasks and take the time out that my body needs. It allows me to make sure stuff gets done and makes me feel like I have achieved something, even when I feel really rotten.

How do you deal with a flare up when you have loads you need to do? Have you any special rituals or activities you do to make you feel better? Do you struggle to take the time to rest (like me) and want to push through?