Yesterday I talked about the things I do during my ‘rest breaks’. One of those things is often frowned upon when you have Fibromyalgia – drinking caffeinated tea!! I have been told that although caffeine gives you a boost in the short-term, it actually burns out your adrenal glands. This means you can’t regulate your blood sugar or your inflammatory system; vital things when you are suffering chronic pain and fatigue.

I am a tea lover and tea is one thing I can’t imagine giving up. I don’t want to give it up quite frankly. There are many things in life I am having to compromise on and tea just isn’t going to be one of them. That said, I must admit, I drink more than 1 or 2 cups a day. It’s more like 8-10 buckets! Something definitely needs to change.

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the very first Sheffield Bloggers Network meetup where we had a talk from one of the founders of Birdhouse Tea Company, a Sheffield based tea house in Nether Edge. I came away from the evening (which was awesome by the way) with a sample of their Classic English Breakfast tea.


Both the talk and the tea sample reignited my love of leaf tea, reminded me to appreciate the flavours and the ceremony involved in making a ‘proper brew’ and it got me to thinking. If I made more of a ceremony out of a making a cup of tea, if I had a variety of blends and flavours to enjoy, if I had a lovely teapot and some beautiful tea cups, then drinking tea would be an experience, it would be a joy and something to savour and not just a quick pick me up during the day. Perhaps I would drink less caffeine and actually find some alternatives that were more appealing.

So I placed an order for some tea. Quite a bit of tea actually. It all arrived today in this beautiful fragrant box that I just kept looking at and smelling all afternoon.

Here’s what I went for:

Balance Wellbeing Tea – A caffeine free tea made with cinnamon, cardamom, liquorice, coriander, fennel, ginger & rose.

Kelham Island Tea – A black tea made with lapsang souchong, darjeeling, apple pieces & safflower petals.

Princess Peach Tea – A green tea made with rose petals, sunflower petals & peach flavouring.

Full Monty Tea – Their award winning blended black tea – ‘strong, northern and proud ‘a proper Yorkshire brew’.

Classic Earl Grey – Another award-winning black tea with bergamot oil.

Gingerbread House – A caffeine free tea made with rooibos, ginger, orange, fennel, liquorice, aniseed, honeybush, safflower petals.


As I sit here this evening writing this post I have tried 2 of the teas – the Kelham Island which is incredibly smoky and strong and tastes great with milk and without and right now I am enjoying the Princess Peach Tea which is a delicious, sweet and fruity green tea; the first green tea I have genuinely liked enough to have another cup of. I am very excited about my first cup of tea in the morning, which I think will be a nice, strong and award winning Full Monty – I can’t wait! 😀

Am I going to give up tea? Never! I know that I need to manage the levels that I drink and I know that if I want to improve my condition I need to listen to advice and give all options a try. But as I said earlier, I have had to compromise so much in life that it feels almost cruel to deny myself one of the simpler pleasures in my life. So, instead of giving it up, I am going to invest in tea, I am going to savour tea and I am going to have tea as a wonderful, luxurious treat. In moderation of course.

What do you not want to give up that you have been advised you should? How do you feel about the constant compromise involved with Fibromyalgia? Could you create a ceremony or ritual to your favourite food or drink in order to reduce and regulate your intake?