After my diagnosis, I was looking for help, support, advice, and encouragement. I felt alone, un-educated about Fibromyalgia and desperately trying to find a way to live a happy and fulfilling life. All I could find were places that seemed to constantly reinforce how terrible things were and repeat over and over what the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are … like I needed reminding.

In a bid to bring more positivity to things, I launched Sheffield Fibromites; a Facebook page designed to bring together the Sheffield Fibromyalgia community in a more positive and healthy way. It only occurred to me, after I started blogging, that people may prefer a less public forum [Facebook pages are always public] to talk openly about their condition, about local services available and about their strategies for living a positive life, without alerting their Facebook friend list. And so the Sheffield Fibromites Group was born and the Sheffield Fibromites page was changed to A Sheffield Fibromite to promote this blog.

With the group, I hope to encourage people with Fibromyalgia in my local area to come together in support of each other in a safe, secure and private space. Although I will continue to post publicly to the page so as to raise awareness of the condition with a wider audience, I will concentrate on bringing people together in the group for the support and positivity I so desperately was seeking when I was diagnosed.

Perhaps you are a fibromite living in Sheffield? Feel free to join the Sheffield Fibromites Group. I would love to have you with me.