Relaxation techniques have often been advocated for Fibromyalgia treatment, due to the conditions association with stress and depression. Meditation has been shown to reduce symptom severity, reduce stress and sleep disturbances in Fibromyalgia patients and is certainly a technique that can help you to slow down, to rest and to relax. [Source: Natural Health Advisory]

I know that meditation is a powerful tool in assisting with relaxation, but I struggle to get into the right mindset without some form of assistance – or rather guidance. Guided meditation is my solution and although I still find it difficult to ‘get into’, once I allow the guidance to transport me, I find meditation incredibly helpful.

There are absolutely loads of resources available to support people with guided meditation and many that are specifically designed to relieve chronic health conditions and pain too. I try to incorporate some guided meditation every few days, but I would like to take time out to do more. I often run about all day doing what I need to do, getting what I need to get done, done, making sure everyone else is taken care of, and don’t take the time to look after me. It’s something I am trying to work on, something I am committed to achieving.

One of my favourite places online for guided meditation is The Honest Guys YouTube channel. They provide numerous guided meditations, but my favourite is The Cleansing Pool, Pain Relief & Healing Guided Meditation.

Another favourite of mine is Meditainment’s Pain Management Meditation, which is a core component of the Pathway through Pain online course offered by the NHS in the UK for patients with chronic pain.

Meditainment also offer a free meditative journey to 18 amazing places. You just need to register and each place will unlock once a month.

But my all time favourite place for guided meditation that is specifically aimed at supporting chronic health challenges is Women’s Wellness Circle.

They offer a multitude of support to women with Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Fibromyalgia and other chronic health challenges through online and in-person courses and retreats and are Sheffield based. A lot of the in-person courses happen at The Stillpoint Practice, Nether Edge or The Goddess Temple, London Road.

Currently, they are offering a series of free online retreats to coincide with the Celtic seasonal festivals – the Equinoxes, Solstices and transitions between the seasons; creating a virtual campfire. These retreats offer a guided, nurturing, earth inspired meditation on either a live call or as a recording, which you are sent if you cannot make the live call.

The next retreat is happening on Wednesday 11th May 2016, entitled Wild Medicine, A Journey into the Heart of Nature’s Healing Power.

Do you find meditation difficult? Have you tried guided meditation? Where do you find inspiration and support for your chronic pain?