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I recently came across the Blurt Foundation; an organisation that aims to increase the awareness and understanding of depression. They offer a number of resources and services, but the one that stood out for me was the Buddybox. Subscription boxes have gained popularity over the last few years, but they tend to focus on the beauty products which is something that doesn’t really interest me. The Buddybox is designed for people who need to practice self-care, packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats to make you feel good: helping you de-stress, find calm, feel pampered, relax, get creative, or simply have fun. It sounded like something I needed in my life.

At £21.50 a box thought it might be a little steep for my budget, however, I decided to order a one-off box and see if what came was worth the investment. Today my May Buddybox arrived.

Although designed with depression in mind, the Buddybox is totally suitable for anyone who needs to invest in themselves or for you to send to a friend who might need a pick me up. Each box contains 5 full-size products but the content of every box is a closely guarded secret and so all I knew about the May box was the Bee theme that Blurt had alluded to in their social media posts. Here are the 5 lovely items I received.


Green Tea & Mango Face Mask by Fruit Fix – Value £3.00


Pollinator Beebom Seedbom by Kabloom – Value £3.50


I Give Koality Hugs Fridge Magnet – Value £?


You’re The Bee’s Knees Pencil – Value £?


The Book Of YOU by YOU-app – Value £8.99


The box contained five wonderful, unusual and lovely items. I particularly like the Book of You which contains 365 daily micro-actions to promote a happier, healthier life and the Seedbom which is something totally new to me; I am intrigued to see what grows from it. All of the items are useful, pretty or just nice and none of them are things I would have bought myself – I think that is what makes these subscription boxes so appealing.

I LOVE the idea of a Buddybox and would love to receive more of these in the future because they are just so nice. The concept of receiving a hug in a box is fabulous and the joy of opening up the box when it arrived was wonderful.

Sadly, despite desperately wanting this subscription box to be perfect, I don’t feel the value of the products is adequate for the £21.50 cost. I don’t know the cost of the magnet or pencil, but to make this box worth as much as I paid, they would need to total more than £6 combined. I don’t believe that is possible.

Do you receive a subscription box? What do you get and do you think it’s worth the financial investment? Do comment and let me know.


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  1. I love getting a surprise box of treats. However normally the price is too high so No I stay away from boxes

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