I have been feeling increasingly frustrated of late. Frustrated by my limitations. I mean I am trying to keep active, I am trying to go to the gym regularly, I am trying to walk regularly and I am trying to do as much as I can physically, and yet it never seems to get easier. It hurts as much as it ever did and I never seem to be making progress.

My Fibromyalgia diagnosis came about after I joined a running group. I’d been in pain and feeling tired for some time and I thought doing more exercise and getting fit would help with this. Little did I know. As each week passed, the running wasn’t getting any easier, if anything, it was making me feel worse. Other new runners in the group were getting increasingly stronger and faster, yet I was still floundering at the back 10 weeks in. It was then I realised something was seriously wrong with me and I needed to find out what.

Instead of running I decided to focus on walking, as I discussed in a previous post and I do walk for 30-45 minutes pretty much every day. In 2014, I even did a sponsored 10km walk in aid of Alzheimers Society. I also go to a ladies gym one or twice a week and complete a 30-minute circuit which has been developed for me by the wellness coaches.

I already accept that physical activity (even something as simple as doing the housework) is going to result in some level of pain and fatigue. Of course, I can manage the level of pain and fatigue by managing the level of exercise and intensity I complete, but seriously, I want to do something more. I want to be able to bloody run.

I have been researching running and Fibromyalgia and there are people out there that manage, but they were runners before. How can I, someone overweight, with Fibromyalgia and never run before actually train to run? Is it even possible?

I don’t have the answer. I honestly don’t know. But I know I need to try. Even if all I ever achieve is a walking fast and occasionally faster. I need to take control of my body and of my condition and it has to start with a plan, with a regime. A realistic one that I can actually manage.

So here it is. Accountability. It’s written, it’s real and I am going to blooming well do it.

Monday – 30-minute walk + Graded Exercise DVD
Tuesday – 20-minute walk/run + Swim
Wednesday – 30-minute gym
Thursday – 30-minute walk + Graded Exercise DVD
Friday – 20-minute walk/run
Saturday – 30-minute gym
Sunday – 20-minute walk/run

The schedule above is very similar to what I do already, I am only adding a walk/run 3 times a week. I am going to follow the advice from the NHS Couch to 5K program for these additional sessions, but I will adapt them a little so that I am more likely to succeed. The programme increases the activity week on week, but I will most likely spend 2-3 weeks working on the first weeks activity, before moving onto the 2nd weeks exercises for another 2-3 weeks and so on.

I will never be able to run a marathon, but I’m going to devote myself to gaining as much strength and stamina as I can. I have been stabbing away at this for over 2 years and never seem to have really fully committed. This is my commitment right here and now. This is my plan and I am going to give it everything.

Have you a physical goal you would like to achieve? Are you just looking at it hopefully or are you going to have a go at achieving it? Let me know.