Throughout the summer, Sheffield has been home to a massive herd of elephants. The herd have been raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

My daughter and I had a great time finding the elephants around the city and following the trail map and taking photos. The city has felt alive and exciting throughout their stay. It’s been wonderful.


During the month of September (1st – 30th September) the herd wanted us to run, swim, walk or cycle, or do a mix of all four, for a minimum of 60km. Of course, this effort was to be sponsored and money raised would go to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Despite wanting to be able to run 5k in one go and taking part in charitable 5k events, I am a long way off that just now. But a challenge that wants me to do as much as I can over a long period of time – I could do that! So I signed up for the challenge, charged up my Fitbit and headed out daily for as many walks as I could manage. Initially, I thought I would just do the 60km, but after a while, I decided to challenge myself further and aimed for 180k instead.

Through walking the dog, holidaying at Center Parcs and heading out on runs as part of my Couch to 5K training, I managed to rack up a total of 212km throughout September and I am absolutely thrilled to pieces. I raised just under £100 and there is still time to contribute.

How do you keep active with Fibro? Would you consider doing a charity event to push your physical activity and keep you motivated? What events have you done? Comment and let me know!