Earlier this year, my partner went on a business trip to Seattle and of course, while he was there, he took some time to do a little souvenir shopping. While in Pike Place Market, he stumbled upon a stall selling Synergy Stones and following a demo from the stallholder, he bought one for me [the Divine model].

Massage therapy can help to decrease pain and muscle aches, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall wellness and relaxation. Hot stones expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body and have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

I often ask him to massage my neck or rub my back to try and alleviate some pain from my back or to release tension, but he can never do it for as long as I would like as his hands start to ache. The Synergy Stone seemed to offer a great solution that would benefit us both!

So what are Synergy Stones and how do they differ from stones usually used for hot stone massage?

Synergy Stones originate from Seattle and are made by Scott Wynn, founder of Synergy Stones. They are made of all natural solid stoneware and once heated, radiate warmth just like a natural stone. Their shapes evolved over time and now 5 specially shaped stones that blend hot stone massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage, are available.


As well as different shapes, there are original stones which are black and only to be used with oil and there are ultra-smooth coloured stones that are designed to be used both with oil or over clothes.

Initially designed with professional massage practitioners in mind, it wasn’t long before people were enjoying Synergy Stone massages at home too.

How do you use a Synergy Stone?


Synergy Stones can be warmed in your microwave, between electric heating pads or in a water-filled stone heater. Their heat can be retained by putting the stone into the fleece cozy that is provided until you are ready to use.

Watch and Learn

Free demo videos are available from to show you how to use the different styles of stone, with new videos added all of the time.


There are a number of techniques you can learn and perform when giving a massage with a Synergy Stone:

  • Soothe – Long, slow and superior relaxation
  • Circle – Erase tension with circular motions
  • Knead – Soften knots like kneading dough
  • Sculpt – Get deep with slow sculpting moves
  • Rake – Activate the healing response within
  • Wring – Twist and Wring out old energy for new
  • Rock – Rhythmically rock to leave stress behind
  • Compress – Press and release like a sponge
  • Tapote – Tap-a-tap to revitalise

What are the benefits?

For the receiver
  1. Warmth, custom pressure, and heat-wave techniques blend to create a relaxing sensation.
  2. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are warmed for healing therapy.
  3. Muscle knots and trigger points are relaxed.
  4. Muscle pain and discomfort are relieved.
  5. Pressure, motion and temperature receptors in the skin are soothed.
  6. Blood and lymph circulation is encouraged.
  7. The body is detoxified and the skin toned.
  8. The immune system is stimulated.
  9. The nervous system is calmed.
  10. Stress is decreased.
For the giver
  1. The heat is held for longer than smaller common stones.
  2. Contoured shapes reduce finger, hand and wrist fatigue.
  3. Smooth feeling to the skin but easy to grip, control and maneuver.
  4. Can be used with 2 hands allowing pressure to be controlled as needed.
  5. The giver’s hands are warmed as well as the receiver’s body.

I absolutely love my Synergy Stone as it’s made getting a massage when I ache, so much easier. We have used it for my leg pain, neck pain and back pain. I have also used it on myself to massage my hands and feet. The Divine model I own is very versatile and the video training available online is straightforward to follow. It’s a fantastic bit of kit and one that has proven itself over and over in my pain management toolkit.

Have you considered hot stone massage or have you tried a Synergy Stone? Which stone do you have and how do you use it to help with your fibro pain?