New Year Inspirations 2017

I think everyone at some point in their life, creates a list of new year resolutions every January and at some point during February, the resolutions are out of the window. I am sometimes guilty of this too, but last year I managed to stick to all of my resolutions and this year I want to build on that success.

Obviously, my main goal in life at the moment is to feel better and I learned a long time ago that to be better when you have a condition such as Fibromyalgia, you have to approach it holistically and consistently. It’s not just about taking tablets or exercising for a bit. It’s about living a better way of life physically, mentally and spiritually … forever.

So here are my resolutions, or rather my inspirations for 2017.

Meditate Daily

Having completed the Mindfulness for Health course in December, I am now a complete convert to meditation and I can see the many benefits to my health by taking the time to meditate on a regular basis. I signed up for the 10-day 10-minute January meditation challenge with The Meaning of Life Experiment run by Ashok Gupta. It’s actually a 30-day full programme of meditations and videos discussing the meaning of life and although the initial challenge was 10 days, I am planning on seeing out the 30 days, with a view to building a daily meditation habit. I am currently on Day 5!

Eat Healthily to Lose Weight

I know what I should be eating – what supports my immune system, what helps reduce inflammation and what helps me lose weight, I just don’t always stick to my plan. I have a plan, a great plan and I let it slip when we moved house (mainly due to living without a proper kitchen for 4 months and slipping into bad habits). A new year means I am dusting off my nutritional plan put together for me by Sophie of Nutrition in Sheffield. Along with the plan, I will be taking inspiration from the I Quit Sugar programme and books and making good use of my brand new Nutribullet.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising with Fibromyalgia is always a challenge. Currently, I walk the dog once a day for about 45 minutes. In addition to this, I intend to add daily yoga stretches in a morning and work through The Fibro Guys Graded Exercise DVD 3-times per week. The DVD was made in partnership with Fibromyalgia UK and available internationally. Adam Foster, The Fibro Guy, has worked with those affected by chronic pain conditions for many years with incredible results.

Take Supplements Daily

Following my consultation with Nutrition in Sheffield back in 2015, I started taking a number of supplements daily to support my body in dealing with Fibromyalgia. Eventually, I got out of the habit and stopped taking them; I most definitely felt worse for it!  This year I intend to get back into the habit of taking the following supplements every day:

Make More of an Effort with Make-up

I have never really got on well with make-up or learnt how to apply it properly – now that’s quite a thing to say at 38! Since forever, I have never been glamorous and always tended to dress for comfort more than style. However, I have always wanted to make better use of make-up and just wasn’t sure how. Since I have been ill my skin is in a really poor state and although I have heard the ‘you don’t look sick’ analogy for fibromyalgia a lot, when I look in the mirror I can really tell I am ill and it brings me down. In 2017, I want to make better use of make-up and learn more about the application and use.  To achieve this I have signed up for a monthly Birchbox – 5 new random beauty products to learn about each month and I have also ordered some products from Younique. Look out for more info on these on the blog!

De-clutter and get House Organised

I struggle with emotional attachment to inanimate objects. I have so many things I have held onto because they remind me of a time or a place or because they might be useful. I really want to get our new house organised and easier to tidy. Not only will this reduce the time I spend on cleaning and sorting each week, but it will also help to lift the fog I find I get when I can’t find things, or when I am feeling claustrophobic from the things around me at home.  I signed up for Organise My House‘s 30-day Clutter Blitz challenge to kick start the process. By the end of the challenge, I will have removed 150 items from my house!  You can follow my progress on my Instagram where I will be posting updates on the challenge daily.

Improve Social Interaction and Personal Relationships

One thing fibro has really tried to take away from me is my connections with other people. Over time I have lost touch with friends and those that remain I only really see through Facebook and other social media. Being 90 miles away from my family is also difficult due to driving being exhausting and finding the opportunity to go visit in between school, work, household chores and pain. Energy levels being low, also means that the time I have available to spend with my partner is often very limited and we don’t spend as much time together as we would like. I also work from home, which is fabulous for me health wise as it has meant I can have a full-time career without the need to commute, look my best every day or find the energy to socialise with colleagues daily. As a result, I am struggling somewhat with social anxiety and it makes getting out there (even though I desperately want to) very difficult.

In 2016, I did start to make some improvements, I started working one day a week in a co-working office so that I am seeing other people and interacting on a regular basis (finding it hard but I keep on trying), I also volunteered to arrange events in the Yorkshire area for the professional body I am a member of – allowing me to socialise with people in my area who work in a similar field.

In 2017 I want to start rebuilding relationships and building my confidence in socialising even further.  I plan to:

  • Actually leave the house with my partner once a month for a date
  • Visit my hometown/family once every 6-8 weeks

So there you have it. My New Year Inspirations for 2017. Have you got a list of intentions, inspirations or resolutions you have planned for 2017? Do comment and let me know what they are!


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