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Recipe: Golden Milk


I have been searching for a warm bedtime drink that I could have before heading up to bed. As an avid tea drinker the obvious option was calming , caffeine-free tea, but I longed for that warm, milky drink of my childhood – Ovaltine.

The Hormone Diva recently came to my aid with a recipe for Golden Milk. A warm, milky mix of turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger.

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Salad Jars: Saving Time – Eating Healthily


I find it difficult some days to have the energy to stand in the kitchen and make the healthy lunches I know I should be eating. I am trying to eat more green vegetables and reduce sugar and carb intake, but cheese on toast or a sandwich and crisps is often much easier and much less effort on the days when I am tired or have more pain, even though those sort of meals are contributing to my weight gain, my pain and my fatigue.

Even though I work from home, it has been becoming more and more obvious that I need to get a little more prepared with my lunches so that I can be assured of eating the ‘right’ things each day, even when I am busy or particularly struggling with pain. The problem is that to prepare salads for lunch the night before also requires the energy to stand in the kitchen to make them, plus if you try to make a few days worth, by the time you eat them, they are a bit limp.

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Recipe: Parsnip Fritters


Amelia Freer is a nutritional therapist and healthy eating expert and her book Eat. Nourish. Glow. is a brilliant look at 10 easy steps for losing weight, looking younger and feeling healthier. While the book mainly talks through her steps to healthy eating, there are some great recipes also included. One of my favourites is another breakfast option and is especially good if you are looking for something little more savoury than the cottage cheese pancakes.

Parsnip fritters are basically a healthy version of a hash brown. They are incredibly filling and satisfying and go perfectly with soft boiled eggs. The added bonus is that they contain no gluten and are very low in fat which makes them perfect for my Fibromyalgia diet.

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Recipe: Cottage Cheese Pancakes


I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to be inspired for ideas for breakfast. Most breakfasts seem to contain stacks of obvious carbs and loads of sugar. I have been altering my diet over time to try and improve my Fibromyalgia symptoms and so I was really looking for a breakfast that was filled with loads of protein and with as few carbs and fats as possible. Initially, I was eating omelettes, but after a few weeks, I was utterly sick of eggs. Knowing that eggs were one of the best things to have for breakfast, I started to research alternative ways of cooking eggs so that I was including them into my diet. This is when I discovered protein pancakes.


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