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5 Ways To Support Your Friend With Fibromyalgia


If you know someone with Fibromyalgia, you may be wondering what on earth you can do to help and support them. Friendships are incredibly important and being able to maintain those relationships can make a massive difference to someone with Fibromyalgia.

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Recipe: Golden Milk


I have been searching for a warm bedtime drink that I could have before heading up to bed. As an avid tea drinker the obvious option was calming , caffeine-free tea, but I longed for that warm, milky drink of my childhood – Ovaltine.

The Hormone Diva recently came to my aid with a recipe for Golden Milk. A warm, milky mix of turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger.

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The Time Is Now


I have been feeling increasingly frustrated of late. Frustrated by my limitations. I mean I am trying to keep active, I am trying to go to the gym regularly, I am trying to walk regularly and I am trying to do as much as I can physically, and yet it never seems to get easier. It hurts as much as it ever did and I never seem to be making progress.

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Film Review: Cake


Cake is a film set in LA following Clare Bennett (played by Jennifer Aniston) and her road through grief and chronic pain. The film was released in 2014, but I didn’t come across its existence until earlier this year when it was released on DVD.

Claire suffers with chronic pain. I don’t want to give any more detail about the story or how it progresses in this post because as the film develops, clues as to how she came to be in chronic pain, what happened to her family and her journey to redemption are played out in a way that makes the film incredibly powerful and spoilers would indeed spoil that experience.

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Day – 12th May


12th May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. It is also the birth date of Florence Nightingale; a notable figure who it is believed suffered from this condition.

There is no part of my life, upon which I can look back without pain

Florence Nightingale

Although the term ‘Fibromyalgia’ was first used in 1976, conditions which resembled it can be traced back to the early 1800’s. The condition is largely unknown or misunderstood and on a day such as this, it is even more important to raise awareness of the condition in whatever way you can.

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Buddybox – A Hug In A Box


I recently came across the Blurt Foundation; an organisation that aims to increase the awareness and understanding of depression. They offer a number of resources and services, but the one that stood out for me was the Buddybox. Subscription boxes have gained popularity over the last few years, but they tend to focus on the beauty products which is something that doesn’t really interest me. The Buddybox is designed for people who need to practice self-care, packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats to make you feel good: helping you de-stress, find calm, feel pampered, relax, get creative, or simply have fun. It sounded like something I needed in my life.

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8 Lesser Known Symptoms of Fibromyalgia ~ Infographic


Fibromyalgia tends to be associated with muscle pain, joint pain and fatigue. The truth is that there are numerous other symptoms that also exist. Based on my own experiences, I have compiled a list of another 8 symptoms that are part of my Fibromyalgia.

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Eating for Fibromyalgia – Nutritional Therapy


Last year I was at an ultimate low point. I was incredibly overweight, constantly in pain and struggling to get by each day. It all came to a head while on holiday with the children in August 2015. I was out of breath, I looked like a beached whale in all of the photos, I struggled to walk to the beach from the caravan and more importantly I couldn’t participate in all the fun stuff the children wanted to do.

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Salad Jars: Saving Time – Eating Healthily


I find it difficult some days to have the energy to stand in the kitchen and make the healthy lunches I know I should be eating. I am trying to eat more green vegetables and reduce sugar and carb intake, but cheese on toast or a sandwich and crisps is often much easier and much less effort on the days when I am tired or have more pain, even though those sort of meals are contributing to my weight gain, my pain and my fatigue.

Even though I work from home, it has been becoming more and more obvious that I need to get a little more prepared with my lunches so that I can be assured of eating the ‘right’ things each day, even when I am busy or particularly struggling with pain. The problem is that to prepare salads for lunch the night before also requires the energy to stand in the kitchen to make them, plus if you try to make a few days worth, by the time you eat them, they are a bit limp.

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Guided Meditation for Chronic Pain


Relaxation techniques have often been advocated for Fibromyalgia treatment, due to the conditions association with stress and depression. Meditation has been shown to reduce symptom severity, reduce stress and sleep disturbances in Fibromyalgia patients and is certainly a technique that can help you to slow down, to rest and to relax. [Source: Natural Health Advisory]

I know that meditation is a powerful tool in assisting with relaxation, but I struggle to get into the right mindset without some form of assistance – or rather guidance. Guided meditation is my solution and although I still find it difficult to ‘get into’, once I allow the guidance to transport me, I find meditation incredibly helpful.

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